Friday, 28 August 2009

Hewetts in WWI

I've found two Hewetts in WWI so far. I really need to research this more

Hewett, Charles William
1907 Discharged from 31466 Imperial Yeomanry. Hewitt, Charles William 31466, Trooper 91st Coy., 23rd Bn. I.Y.
1916 Appointed to the Royal Regiment of Artillery. No 6 Reserve Brigade Artillery TF, Luton
1917 Central Military Hospital, Cork, Ireland 1919 Unit 542nd Stow Battery RFA.Regiment or Corps: RFA. Regimental Number: 656669. Rank: Gunner. Medical grade on joining: B1. Was attached to the Troop Kildare. Examined in Kildare 1919 Regimental number: 195350

Hewett, Albert Henry
Regiment number 5749
1914 13th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers
1915 Appointed Lance Corporal from Private
1917 Barnes War Hospital, Convalescent Hospital Eastbourne A Division1918 34th London Regiment
1918 29th London Regiment 1919 Transfer to Z Reserve

Hewetts in my family tree

This is the list of people that were born Hewetts that I have in my tree so far. I've sorted them by generation. If you think you have a shared ancestor I'd love to hear from you

Generation 1

Hewett, Issac, Bricklayer

Generation 2

Hewett, George
Hewett, Issac
Hewett, Mary Ann
Hewett, Henry, b abt 1830 - Crayforth, Kent, England
Hewett, Edward Thomas, Carpenter, b 1819 - Erith, Kent, England, d 10 January 1864 - Bexley Village, Kent, England
Hewett, William

Generation 3

Hewett, Edward William, Builder, b Mar 1847 - Bexley, Kent, England, d 1925 - Dartford
Hewett, Samuel, Fruiterer, b abt 1849 - Bexley, Kent, England d 1915 - Tendring, Essex
Hewett, Isaac, Fruiterer, b abt 1851 - Bexley, Kent, England
Hewett, Henry, Fruiterer, b abt 1853 - Bexley, Kent, England
Hewett, James, Manager in the Furniture Trade, b abt 1856 - Bexley, Kent, England
Hewett, Charles, Fruit Packer, b 1857 - Bexley, Kent, England, d 15 September 1902 - 26 Great Queen Street, London
Hewett, Hannah/Annie, Domestic Kitchen Maid, b 17 November 1859 - Bexley, Kent, England, d 9 July 1937 - New Malden, Surrey
Hewett, Ann Annie, b abt 1858 - Kingsland, Herefordshire, England
Hewett, Isaac Henry, Grocer, b abt 1864 - Levens, Westmorland, England

Generation 4

Hewett, Unknown, b Before 1911
Hewett, Edward J, b abt 1873 - Bexley, Kent, England
Hewett, William, Builder, b abt 1875 - Bexley, Kent, England
Hewett, Henry Samuel, Master Builder, b abt 1882 - Dartford, Kent, England
Hewett, Lilian, b abt 1878 - Lambeth, London, England
Hewett, Frank, b abt 1880 - Covent Garden
Hewett, Ernest, b abt 1885 - Surbiton, Surrey, England
Hewett, Violet, b abt 1886 - Surbiton, Surrey
Hewett, Sidney, Traveller. Wollens (Underwear), b abt 1888 - Surbiton, Surrey, England
Hewett, Daisy, b abt 1890 - Surbiton, Surrey, England
Hewett, Gladys, b abt 1893 - Surbiton, Surrey
Hewett, Ivy, b 1903 - Surbiton, Surrey.
Hewett, Unknown
Hewett, Edith Mary, b abt 1878 - Lambeth, Surrey, England
Hewett, Edward, b abt 1879 - Lambeth, Surrey, England
Hewett, Arthur, Fruit Salesman, b 1883 - Bermondsey, London, England.
Hewett, Albert G, Fruit Salesman, b abt 1881 - Bermondsey, Surrey, England
Hewett, Ada Mary, Clerk, b Dec 1885 - Blackfriars, London.
Hewett, Florence, Clerk, b 1885 - Blackfriars, London.
Hewett, Alice, Clerk, b 1888 - Blackfriars, London.
Hewett, Henry Issac, Clerk, b 1892 - Blackfriars, London.
Hewett, Charles William, Printer, b 1879 - Bermondsey, London, England
Hewett, Frederick James, Bridle Cutter, b 1881 - Rotherhith, Surrey, England. d 1 October 1952 - 14 University Road, Mitcham
Hewett, George, b abt 1885 - Lambeth, Surrey, England
Hewett, Nellie, Box Maker (Apprentice)/Tin Machinist, b 1886 - Walworth, Surrey, England
Hewett, Albert Henry, Glove Tree Maker, b 26 May 1887 - 28 Heygate Road, Walworth Road, St Mary Newington, Surrey-
Hewett, Arthur, b abt 1889 - Marylebone, London, England
Hewett, Florence, Foliagate Paper, b 1892 - Strand, London, England
Hewett, Richard, b 1901 - London.
Hewett, George H, b abt 1883 - Levens, Westmorland, England
Hewett, Annie M, abt 1892 - Levens, Westmorland, England
Hewett, Isabella, b abt 1890 - Levens, Westmorland, England
Hewett, William, b abt 1894 - Levens, Westmorland, England
Hewett, Isaac , b abt 1897 - Levens, Westmorland, England
Hewett, Barbara, b abt 1898 - Levens, Westmorland, England
Hewett, Bessie, b abt 1900 - Levens, Westmorland, England

Generation 5

Hewett, Eileen
Hewett, Florence Nellie Cecilia
Hewett, Doris Violet
Hewett, Charles George
Hewett, Mable (Mabel)
Hewett, Beatrice
Hewett, Ethel

Hewett, Florence
Hewett, Rose
Hewett, Albert Charles
Hewett, Frederick H
Hewett, Charles James

Hewett, Leonard G
Hewett, Nel
Hewett, Florence Annie

Hewett, Harry Charles
Hewett, Arthur William
Hewett, Violet Lily
Hewett, Henry Edward

Hewett, Lilian Emma

Generation 6

Hewett, Sheila
Hewett, Christine
Hewett, Derek Charles
Hewett, Leonard Brian
Hewett, Brian

Hewett, Janet Evelyn

Generation 7

Hewett, Karen Elizabeth
Hewett, Frances Elizabeth

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Why am I blogging?

The purpose of this blog is to connect with other living Hewetts and to share our family history. It is also a place for me to collect my genealogy resources and help me organise my research.